Oklahoma Health Professionals Program, Inc (OHPP)

Since 1983, the Oklahoma Health Professionals Program Inc. has provided services to physicians and health care providers with alcohol and chemical dependence. OHPP, Inc. is an outreach program designed to support and monitor medical and allied health professionals throughout Oklahoma who are experiencing difficulty with substance abuse, as well as disruptive and boundary issues. Because of the commitment to provide resources to professionals in need, OHPP, Inc. employs a Program Director and three part-time Associate Directors to administer the program. Our program continues to be a leader nationally in identifying problems, assisting in treatment, and returning to practice those physicians who have suffered from substance abuse or dependency.


Physician Burnout: The Importance of Physician Wellness

While Oklahoma’s physicians have been battling the coronavirus and its effects on their communities, another serious health concern has been looming in the background: Physician burnout. In a Medscape survey of 15,000 physicians conducted before the COVID-19 crisis, 42 percent of physicians indicated they’d felt burnout, and approximately 18 percent reported depression. Physicians had twice the suicide rate compared to the general population before facing a pandemic, and that rate has continued to climb over the past 19 months. Join us for a free, virtual CME with psychologist Paul Tobin, Ph.D., as we explore physician burnout, its causes and how we can address it. This event qualifies for 1 hour of CME credit.